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Zurich Office

We are SparkOptimus Zurich

  • Europe's #1 digital consultancy

  • Focused on growing businesses in a digital age

  • From strategy to action - from C-level to daily operations

Our international growth ambition

At SparkOptimus, we're now all about international growth. With a great reputation in the Netherlands, we're ready to conquer new frontiers.

Joining us in Zurich offers a thrilling career path that combines the best of both worlds: strategy consulting and office building.

Offering an attractive talent proposition

Perfect mix of professional & fun culture

Exciting projects with focus on growth

Tailored training paths to develop your hard- and soft-skills

Dedicated mentoring along your promotion trajectory

Monthly events and flexibility to travel across offices

High client exposure - already from Associate level

Entrepreneurial opportunities within the company

Unlimited access to external coaching

"At SparkOptimus, I can combine my interest in new business with my entrepreneurial spirit. I want to help organisations embrace change and be curious about new opportunities."

Sonja Gut Jr. Manager in Zurich

Who we are

Playful professionals - Informal, approachable and professional.

Eager to learn & improve - Curious about everything, always striving to be better.

Entrepreneurial - Building something awesome and being actively involved.

Down-to-earth - Pragmatic and hands-on with as little fluff as possible.

Ourselves - Able to be our true self.

A close team - We succeed & fail as a team.

SparkOptimistic - Always positive and finding opportunities and solutions.

"Today's challenges often require fast, digital, and practical solutions. At SparkOptimus I can work within an enthusiastic team towards them."

Raphael Rölli Associate in Zurich